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Amazing Autumn

Days getting shorter, nights getting longer, weather getting colder… so why is autumn so awesome? Well, we have beautiful crisp mornings with fog dancing over rivers and fields, trees are turning different shades of oranges and our hedgerows provide us with delicious fruit and nuts, and stars seem to shine brighter than ever. Here are my top tips for making the most of being outside this autumn.
Fungi — Autumn is the perfect time of year to go on the search for fungi. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and are much easier to spot than you may think. They can grow almost anywhere from woodlands to grasslands, and even in cow poo! (Just remember not to eat what you find without expert advice)
Birds — Not only are migrant birds such as waxwings, redwings and bramblings starting to arrive to spend the winter with us, but also our native birds begin to gather in large flocks. Long tailed tits for example can form flocks with other tit species to look for food and keep warm. Don’t forget to have a winter wander along the coast to see the wonderful flocks of coastal birds gathering to feed on the estuaries.
Conkers — Nothing reminds me of childhood more than going out for a walk in autumn looking for conkers. The hunt would be on to find the biggest, shiniest, hardest looking conker to play the classic game with all the other kids in the village. (I actually grew up near to the village that held the World Conker Championships!)
Deer rut — One of autumn’s most spectacular sights has to be the deer rut, as the males compete for females (who may only be in season for a day). The males can be heard and seen calling loudly and locking antlers, a truly awesome autumn sight!
Leaves — The leaves turning colour on the trees must be the most definitive signs of autumn, the colours look stunning on the trees and make wonderful photographs. A pile of autumn leaves also make great place for little creatures to hibernate in, so if you have room, make a space in your garden for hedgehogs and friends!
I love this time of year, and I still can’t resist kicking through piles of crispy leaves! We would love to see your autumn pictures from our reserves, please do email them to