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Free traditional skills course

There are still some places left on our coming back to run a second traditional skills weekend on the 9th and 10th of February run by Outback2Basics. We’ve been promised more exciting activities such as bark containers and whittling woodland cutlery!
This event is free of charge.
For more details and to book a place, visit:

Helping garden birds this winter

We have seen lots of birds on our feeders at Rhydymwyn lately, due to the cold weather, here are our tips for helping birds survive the winter:

  • Fat balls are brilliant at this time of year as they provide instant energy, as well as peanuts and meal worms.
  • With fat balls / peanuts it is ALWAYS best remove the mesh bags that they come in to avoid any birds / mammals from eating the plastic or becoming caught in the mesh with their feet or beaks
  • Putting out enough food for just a day or two at a time can prevent it from freezing or going soggy and mouldy
  • Having fresh water is also crucial for them, a saucer with warm water near to the food could be a life saver
  • Its never too late to put up a bird box, many birds will use them to roost in over night
  • Wash your hands after handling feeders
  • ENJOY watching what comes into your garden!

Hedgehogs galore

Well,  kind of.  After years of examining droppings we have finally met our resident hedgehog.  After setting up cameras there was more exciting news as Mum has 2 hoglets of about 4 weeks old.

Another first!

Just at look at what we found today – a bee orchid, which is another new species for the site.


NEWWildlife blog

We have started a NEWWildlife blog, to keep you up to date with in-depth news, events, photos and quizzes. Recent posts have included news about our stealth cameras, badger tracks and signs, our resident owls, visitors to our reserves, coming events and much more.

We aim to update the blog weekly and we welcome your feedback and comments. The link below will take you to our blog page, with the option to ‘follow’ us to recieve notifications when the page is updated.


Spring is sprung!

We recently had 80+ frogs in our wetland croaking and producing lots of frog spawn, which is fantastic news. They stayed in the pond for several days, and we were able to get some lovely photos, including the following one by our senior ranger.

Frog – Karl Marin

Our senior ranger has also reported that today in one of our small ponds that we have a cluster of toad-spawn strings, a smooth newt, two pairs of  toads in amplexus and two single toads, which is great news!

We also have birds checking out some of our nest boxes, including blue tits and starlings, so fingers crossed. We managed to snap this cheeck chappy outside the office whilst its mate was looking around inside!

Basketry Course Full

Our basketry course on 10 March is now full.

Litter Pick Up at Broadoak Wood

Many thanks to everyone who helped us at the litter pick up and tree dressing day at Broadoak Wood.  Lots of litter was removed from the site which can only benefit the many species that live there.

One place left

on the Basketry course 10th March.  Book now to avoid disappointment.

Lots of activity at Rhydymwyn

About a dozen each of Lesser redpoll and siskin have been spotted at the bird hide on site.

This morning, dunnock were displaying outside the office.

The tawny owl is still using the owl box, so we’re all hopeful they will nest.  Watch this space for news.

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