Site overview

This is a small reserve on the outskirts of Abergele. It consists of a strip of meadow grassland adjacent to a drainage ditch for flood management which is connected to nearby marshland. This provides a corridor and habitat for the now scarce and threatened Water vole. The area is owned by NEWW for the management and monitoring of this mammal species, grassland/meadow management and as a refuge for other mammals, ground feeding and nesting birds, amphibians and invertebrates. 

Key species list

The flora on site are mainly grasses and wetland species like common water reed. Bird species using the site are varied between grassland species such as Skylark and Linnet and wetland species like Grey heron, Snipe and Lapwing along with familier species like Wren, Starling and Song thrush. Mammals include Mole and occasional visits from Otter along with the Water vole. Invertebrates are abundant and include common damselfly, cinnabar moth, common and holly blue butterflies. Smooth newt is the only amphibian recorded to date and Common lizard is the only reptile present. Monitoring is currently being carried out to survey for American mink.

Further Information

At the time of writing activities at this site are arranged as and when needed as the site has no access for visitors. However, there are activities throughout the year which volunteers may take part in such as ecological surveys and litter picking. To get involved contact the NEWW office for details.

Recent sightings

For information on recent sightings at the site please visit us on twitter or facebook.